DATE:      Sunday
LOCATION:  Rock Hall, Temple University
TIME:      12:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

ENTRY DEADLINE March 7, 2022

ELIGIBILITY: Students ages 6 to 23 are invited to be heard in  audition.  This Festival  is not just for  the  gifted,  but for  any student  who is  able  to memorize  2 pieces.  Each teacher is required to name two parent volunteers.

SOLO REPERTOIRE: Each student is to play 2 contrasting pieces  by memory.   On the intermediate level or above, pieces must be by composers from 2 different style periods.  Pieces must be played in their original form, not simplified, arranged or shortened.  Repeats should not be taken except for a Da Capo to end the piece in the tonic, or if the piece is a minute or less.  IMPORTANT: please time pieces by minute and seconds; if each of 200 students is over by just one minute, this can result in long hours waiting.

ENSEMBLE: Same as solo, except pieces need not be memorized.
CONCERTO REPERTOIRE: Each student is to play only 1 mvt. of a standard concerto by memory.
AGE: Student’s age is as of the Festival  date.
PROCEDURE:  Each student will be heard by one judge.   The public  is invited  to attend as space permits.
THEORY TEST: All students will have the option to take  a theory test.   Tests will be graded but will not affect the performance rating.  Click here for theory test content
AWARDS: Each student will receive a written evaluation, a ribbon and certificate designated  High Honors, Honors or Honorable Mention.
ALL FORMS ARE ONLINE AT: www.philamusicteachers.org

JUDGING FORMS:  The teacher will fill out one judging form for each student.
ENTRANCE FEES: A NON-REFUNDABLE entry fee of $28.00 per student.

Be sure your students know they must provide music for the judge.  Students who forget their music or use unauthorized photo-copies will receive an automatic rating of Honorable Mention.

AFTER THE FESTIVAL:   Ribbons, certificates, and theory tests will be available immediately after the Festival for teachers to take home.