TUITION Tuition is based on a 30 week academic year, September 9, 2019 through June 5, 2020

  • 30 minute lessons—$1,550 annually
    • pay by August 15—$1,472.50 (5% discount)
    • 2 payments of $775 due Aug 15, Dec 15
    • 5 payments of $310 due Aug 15, Oct 15, Dec 15, Feb 15, April 15
  • 45 minute lessons—$2,325 annually
    • pay by August 15—$2,208.75 (5% discount)
    • 2 payments of  $1,162.50 due Aug 15, Dec 15
    • 5 payments of $465 due Aug 15, Oct 15, Dec 15, Feb 15, April 15
  • 60 minute lessons—$3,100
    • pay by August 15—$2,945 (5% discount)
    • 2 payments of 1,550 due Aug 15, Dec 15
    • 5 payments of $620 due Aug 15, Oct 15, Dec 15, Feb 15, April 15

BILLING/PAYMENT Invoices will be issued every other month. The bill reflects a portion of the overall tuition and does not reflect the number of weeks in that billing period. Invoices will also include any instructional materials, recital, competition, master class or festival fees (where applicable). Tuition payment is due on the following five dates: August 15, October 15, December 15, February 15, April 15.  REFUNDS once paid, tuitions are non-refundable.

SUMMER SESSION 2020 (JUNE 8 – AUGUST 21) Lessons are paid for in advance of the summer based on number of lessons the family anticipates taking. Differences will be accounted for on the first fall tuition bill. Summer lessons are recommended for all students and especially for first and second year students.  Summer tuition rate is $100 per hour for registered students.

NON-TUITION/PER LESSON RATE for students who wish to take lessons on a per-lesson basis: $110/hour


  • Families receiving 2 hours or more of weekly instruction will receive a 5% discount.
  • 5% discount off of tuition paid in full by August 15 (see above for exact amount)

REGISTRATION/ADMINISTRATIVE FEE Reserves your lesson time for the fall.  The fee schedule is as follows:  $60, $110, $150 and $180 for one, two, three and four students respectively. This is in addition to the tuition.

SCHEDULED/MISSED LESSONS 33 private lessons will be scheduled throughout the academic year (tuition pays for 30 lessons). This enables the student to miss 2 “free” lessons due to family vacations, illness, sports conflicts, last minute cancellations, etc. In the case of an emergency another arrangement might be made at the mutual convenience and discretion of the teacher and student. No refunds will be made for cancelled lessons.

PERSONAL/SICK/SNOW CANCELLATIONS One personal/sick day is reserved for the teacher. In the case of inclement weather, one make-up will be offered at the end of the academic year if the teacher has already taken a personal/sick day. Lessons otherwise missed by the teacher will be made-up.

CONSULTATION LESSON FEE $55 per half hour.  This includes evaluation and interview with parent(s) and/or student.